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The subscription to the stc Winners Club is free of charge for 1st day.
After that, the charge is 125 fils - subject to 10% VAT, per day.

How to Participate
Play&WIN Promotions from Winners Club are powered by stc and award amazing prizes to its participants!
To join, Send WIN to 98850 or Dial *98850#
You will participate for instant Cash prizes, monthly & grand prizes!
Send WIN to 98850 or Dial *98850# and register in stc Winners Club for free (after the first day charge 125 fils - subject to 10% VAT /day applies).
stc will send you a welcome message and your first points.
Subscribers have also the chance every day to play the web game and win instantly (without a draw) $250 upon answering correctly all 10 questions of the game within the given time
Every day, you will be receiving interesting video content along with chances for:
  • $ 250 instant cash
  • Weekly, monthly and grand prizes more than 78,000 USD total worth! Cash, iPhone 14 and a BMW Z4 are waiting!
Frequently Asked Questions

To subscribe to the "stc Winners Club", send WIN to 98850 for 0.125 BD (subject to 10% VAT) daily! Enjoy 1 free day of video content and 1 credit for the InstaWin web-game. Subscription is 125 Fils (subject to 10% VAT) per day with 1 day free trial period!

stc Winners Club service launched on 02/05/2017 until 31/12/2022. Please check the Terms & Conditions for more information.

You are participating for $250 via the skill-based InstaWin web-game and in the draws for:

  • Car, Cash, Gold & stc Pay prizes of 100,000 USD total worth!
  • More than 1,000 winners!

The winner will be contacted by stc in the next days as to explain the process needed. So do not worry, just keep your phone on.

A participant can win the instant Prize unlimited times, as long as he/she replies correctly to all of 10 questions of a round and within the time limit. On the other hand, a participant is eligible to win each one of the other prizes only once.

If you are participating in English and you want to switch to Arabic, send the keyword AR to the short-code 98850.

If you are participating in Arabic and you want to switch to English, send the keyword EN to the short-code 98850.

The game rules are rather simple. Each game consists of 10 questions. Time is limited as each question must be answered within 15 seconds or less. The questions served by the game may either be multiple choice questions where the player will be required to choose the correct answer or answers from 2 or more answer options, or may be questions requiring the player to sort a series of items in ascending or descending order. The participant wins instantly by answering correctly all 10 questions of a round within the time limit. The 15 second timeframe is counted exclusively by the system's server.
The awarded instaWin credit expire at the end of calendar day.
Unfortunately not. Since your subscription in the service remains active, every calendar day from 00:00 until 23:59:59 you have 1 available credit which is equivalent to 1 instaWin round. Credits cannot be transferred.

If you have forgotten your password do not worry. Just press the button 'Forgot password' in the login page and your password will be sent again to your mobile via SMS.

To cancel your stc Winners Club subscription, send “STOP” to the short code 98850.

You may also cancel the services via web, by clicking on "My account" section and un-subscribe link on https://winners.stc.com.bh/app.

It is also possible by calling Call Center, 124.

No, if you are not a stc Bahrain subscriber unfortunately you cannot subscribe to the service.
Terms & Conditions